It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Makeup

brush cleaning caliray clairay cleaning lune & aster macara makeup spring clean mascara milani Apr 30, 2023

Raise your hand if you love to do some Spring cleaning!!

There is just something so satisfying about refreshing a space in your home/car/life in the Spring time. Your Summer self will thank you for it when you are traveling from place to place or activity to activity.

Did you know that, like a lot of things in your home, your makeup has expiration dates?! This is such an important thing to keep in mind because we want to be treating our skin with the utmost care and using old/bad products is not the way to do it! Here is a hand graphic you can screenshot and save on your phone or print out and put in your bathroom for easy reference and a reminder on when to refresh your makeup!




Mascara is a product going so close to your eye  and using them past its expiration date can lead to eye infections (no, thank you!)

If it's time to get rid of your mascara, here are a few of my favorites! 

Thrive Mascara: This is one of the best-selling mascaras and there's a good reason - it's just that good!

Milani Highly Rated: Definitely my favorite drugstore mascara! It's a great dupe for Thrive. 

Caliray: One of my all-time favorites! Length, volume, separation - it does it all and the formula is super clean!
Lune & Aster: A vegan tubing mascara. This is a new one for me but I love it! Great for volume and if you've got thin or sparse lashes.



You want to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week. This is my favorite brush cleaner.  It cleans and sanitizes with zero dry time. Just spray, and swirl your brush on a clean cloth and you're done!

If you take care of your brushes, they should last you a few years. When you notice your brush is starting to fray and shed bristles, it's a good indication that the brush is ready to be retired.



Whenever I need to get into the “zone” to accomplish some tasks, or just to enjoy what I am listening to, I put on a podcast! Does anyone else love Crime Junkie, Morbid, or Serial??

Let’s get cleaning!


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