September Round-Up

bdellium lash fan grande cosmetics hooded eyes mature skin morphe polite society greatest lashes tips for mature skin yeux paint liquid eyeshadow Aug 31, 2023

Hi Sweet Friend,

September was filled with sweet memories and moments I hope I never forget! I hope you also had the best month and are ready for all things FALL! I know that many of you beauties were able to participate in the Seint promotion and I am sooo excited to see you try out the new eye shadows you chose! Make sure to tag me in your stories and posts so I can see your beautiful faces! And without further ado, read along to see all of September’s favorites!



This is better than false lashes!

Friends, when you combine each of these products and tips together your eyelashes are going to look SO good!!

Below are the links for these lash products!

Morphe Blue Lash Primer

Grande Cosmetics Lash Comb

Bdellium Lash Fan

Merit Tubing Mascara



My biggest tip for hooded eyes!


This tip is for all my friends with hooded eyes. These simple tweaks to applying your makeup can make your eyes go from droopy to open and bright!



Top ten makeup tips for mature skin!

I made this video with my mature-skinned friends in mind. I was able to have my beautiful mama model for me and let’s be honest… I gave way more than 10 tips! Please let me know which tip is most helpful to you!



Hanni Splash Salve is the best for moisturizing dry skin in the shower!

The Hanni Water Balm is the best for midday or post-shower moisturizing!

The Polite Society Greatest Lashes of All Time Mascara is incredible in every way!

The Yeux Paint Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner is a beautiful fall must-have!



These finds were my absolute favorites this month and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!




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